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Incremental actions lead to big changes, reset, refocus and take action

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Sometimes we need to step back from our current lives and situation to reflect and ponder not only what the right path might be but also the first next step we can take to move towards that new horizon.

What does it mean to clear the path? Where does your next journey lead?

During the Mayfly retreats, we help individuals create distance from their challenges, indecisions, and everyday life to introduce a new perspective through a new way of living, interacting in different spaces, and increasing self-awareness to allow the answers to come to us.

Experiencing different cultures and different types of interactions and understanding how to navigate these changes is one of the fears - and joys - we value!

Everyone comes to the retreats for different reasons. Still, the most powerful part of taking distance from every day is that, in the end, it is not the problem we thought was the problem that we needed to solve; it is a reset we need to understand the root cause of why we are “feeling stuck”.

There are 3 core success factors for our retreats:


We go to a beautiful inspirational setting. In this case, our riad was the perfect backdrop for our discussions.

We need isolation within the space to create a psychologically safe space but also something inspirational. With private rooms and a common courtyard, many spots to isolate and journal, a rooftop with four sections, a pool, a workshop area and reading cabanas, our riad was a perfect setting.


We leverage experts to guide you on your journey. Our mavens (“experts”) are willing to share their own journeys so you can trust them with yours.

Ranging from self-reflections, negotiations, PR and marketing workshops, we always finish with an in-depth Mastermind session designed to motivate you to enter the world again with new toolkits, knowledge and support from the community to help you achieve your goals.


We invite only approved participants that can enhance your experience. A fantastic group of people who are open and willing to take the journey together.

Often recommendations through our personal networks, we continue to interview each attendee to ensure that they are fit for the adventure and in-depth exploration into themselves. We often find they are surprised at how much they uncover in five days!

The important lesson is that by removing ourselves from our regular lives periodically, we allow ourselves time to uncover who we are, to grow and to deepen our connection to ourselves. With some guidance from our experts, this unlocks the ability to move slowly in the direction of our new journeys.

If we can adjust the direction even by 1% with small first steps and actions, then we change the entire direction of our lives over time.


All it takes is a small adjustment.

By clearing the path and allowing you to grow into the person you are, you are able to adjust by that 1% to succeed.


Simone Smith used Morocco to explain how you can use and understand the OK Corral to control your reactions and understanding. Lyrics from my all-time favourite Michael Jackson song comes to mind when I think about the OK Corral.

“Annie are you okay, are you okay Annie” - Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal

Building rapport is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well.

She used this as a foundation of negotiations topic we took with us to Morocco, and our attendees sure got into the topic and enjoyed taking their learnings into the markets - we had successful purchases of spices, oils, glasses and much more!

This was the first step in building confidence so that when it came to the Mastermind session on the final day, we were able to understand how fear was conquered, to see the joy of negotiation and the ability to deepen relationships when they were willing to play along, and how this prepared them for the final discussion and their personal challenge.

What next?

We are planning our next 5-day reset in Ibiza in February, then in Toulouse in April, Amsterdam in July and back to Marrakech in November! More information can be found here. Fill in the application to be first on the list.

And remember to always start from the idea that each of us has worth, value, and dignity as human beings and deserves to be treated accordingly. Including you.

Let’s see where your journey ends up.

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