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Our retreats are designed with you in mind; holistic resets to reignite your passion and enhance your wellbeing

your retreat for

empowerment & transformation



Our core team offers value through professional education, business advice, and workshops.



We nurture the body and mind through healthy nutrition, meditation, and physical wellbeing.



Our retreats are always held in a beautiful setting, to activate creativity, balance and to enable integration.

MAYFLY retreats

Mayfly Maven Retreats provide entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals with a holistic reset through 1-2-1 coaching, self-reflection tools and goal-setting sessions within meaningful masterclasses.


During one of our retreats, you will experience a beautiful and truly immersive experience, with activities like meditation, yoga or Qigong and free time in luxurious accommodation, topped off with a nutritionist-curated menu, all so you can improve your health and vitality throughout the retreat.

This foundation will enable you to work with the team to uncover the impact of current elements in your life and identify how you can reset and plan to drive forward strategic goals for your future.

We achieve all this by learning, working, and collaborating in a nurturing, safe environment that produces transformational results.

Loved the location and people. Perfect opportunity to reflect and consider the next steps, both professionally and in my private life.

- Tankred Hase, Lead Application Engineer @ Lightning Labs -


The retreat in Ibiza was so deeply nourishing. The food, qigong, meditations workshops, and all the one to one sessions. The team went above and beyond. What I have taken back home with me is a new found enthusiasm for what I want to move forward in my life and work. Raj, Simone and Michelle were so knowledgeable and held the space for each of us with so much care and integrity. I gained so many insights and tools that I cannot wait to apply
to my life. So a super big thank you ladies and I look forward to more.

- Sjoukje, Threads of healing -


This inaugural MayFly mastermind retreat will remain in my memory as an unforgettable experience with like-minded and very inspiring people. A safe place for a group to reconcile individually, find inspiration in trustful conversations and conduct mastermind sessions guided by an excellent professional in this field. 

- Maria Jose Perea Marquez, Co-founder @ LD7 GmbH-

Maria Jose Perea Marquez


Mayfly Maven Retreats are organised and led by founders Raj Hayer and Simone Smith, who have a combined experience of over 50 years within business coaching and strategy, and psychological and transpersonal exploration.


Together, they merge business masterminds with a healthy mindset.


Raj and Simone are supported by a team of mavens who offer insight and knowledge into nutrition and physical exercises to support your overall wellbeing during the retreat.

RETREAT mavens

Raj Hayer
Raj Hayer
Business & Strategy
Simone Smith
Simone Smith
Communications & Therapy
Victoria Gibson
Journalist & Marketing

A Day In Your Life at a Mayfly Retreat

Morning Yoga

7:00 am

Wake up, rise and rehydrate with some water. Breathe and enjoy the silence of the morning. Join our morning practice with Guided Meditation and gentle movement using yoga to set the right intentions for our day.

Stunning Riad in Marrakech



We believe our surroundings must inspire our attendees, so we ensure that each retreat has a stunning location guaranteed to impress.


Our passionate plant-based nutritionists are on-site to ensure a nutritious food plan and to run workshops on how to integrate spices in recipes and create healthy eating habits in your life. 

Poke Bowl Dish
Workshop Session


We run self-development, transitional and mastermind workshops to ensure you continue your journey post-retreat.


Bringing people together who share a longing for IKIGAI, a deep connection and awareness, we share habit-building exercises for balance.

Rooftop Meditation


1. Deposit

Submit your deposit to secure your place on the retreat of your choice, while we seek time to discuss your needs.

2. Call

Schedule a call with our retreat leader to discuss your current challenges and desires, and to set goals for your retreat and future transformation. 

3. Book 

You can book your flights right after our call. Then make your final payment closer to the date, and begin to prepare for your journey!

4. Prepare

You will receive materials and suggested videos, books and exercises that will support your preparation for the retreat and to maximize your experience.

5. Attend

Let go of your usual duties and obligations and be held and supported within our community and retreat as you define yourself and your next steps.

6. Integrate

We provide access to ongoing support in our premium community, with live calls, sharing toolkits and exercises to weave the insights from the retreat back into your everyday life.

*6 months included 

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Our retreats are for people in good mental and physical health. We do not offer therapeutic or medical treatment. 

Even though the majority of our participants have very meaningful experiences with long-lasting results, there is no guaranteed outcome from participating in a retreat.

Due to the intimate nature of discussions and for the privacy of participants, a non-disclosure agreement ("NDA") will be required prior to arrival, along with a Retreat Disclaimer. Please note that medical insurance and cancellation insurance for the period of the retreat is the responsibility of our participants.

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LaFrançaise 2025

Recharge and re-energise during our Lafrancaise Retreat. Step away from the day-to-day and nurture your mind and body, surrounding yourself with the option of relaxing and focusing on yourself. We’ll be surrounded by nature, enjoy a full body reset and explore your passions and possibilities through mission and vision sessions.

Women’s Wellness & Re-Energising Retreat

Riad 1.png


Marrakech 2024

Gift yourself a time out this November to be immersed in the present in magical Marrakech. We'll spend five days relaxing poolside, benefiting from meditation, yoga and meaningful group conversations, as well as venturing into the city for the full Médina de Marrakech experience.

Women's Leadership & Empowerment Retreat

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