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a philosophy that inspires
passion, purpose, & possibilities

Mayfly Maven believes that through coaching, and self-development, combined with empowerment and passion, identifying and achieving your goals becomes a manageable and enjoyable experience.


Mayfly embodies holistic success. More importantly, your success. 


Founded by business strategy and life coach Raj Hayer (MBA, GEMBA, BCom, PMP & MSA), she brought in an advisor, psychotherapeutic counsellor Simone Smith (BA Hons Dip Couns Dip Hyp MNCS), so Mayfly Maven blends business coaching and self-development with understanding your true self and breaking through barriers that are preventing you from taking the next step.


Find your Passion

Uncover what you love in what you do and start to apply it to your life

Build your Purpose


​Build a purposeful plan that enables you to create balance in your life


​Apply the tools to all facets of your life to activate your journey and accelerate your success

Increase your


We are creating holistic support for our community.


Ikigai is the Japanese concept that embraces your reason for being. Your raison d’etre. Your choices. While ensuring they’re meaningful and create personal contentment in your present, and future.

Raj is joined in the Maylfy community by a collective of mavens who assist with various relevant workshops, such as learning about healthy nutrition and how it contributes to positive mental health, communications, and PR.

During our events and retreats, individuals and groups transform their ideas into reality, are supported through personal life-changing transactions, build confidence and are guided through difficult challenges.


The support continues through regular check-ins and a nurturing community that will support you in accomplishing your goals.

we start with balance in the

We bring together the four pillars of health to help you uncover success however you may define success.

Inspires healthy relationships, tolerance, and bonding

Enables you to maintain power, endurance, and energy

Encourages you to pursue your personal mission and journey

The Emotional Pillar

The Physical Pillar

The Spiritual Pillar

The Mental Pillar

Increases your ability to learn, concentrate and focus

we explore and define

Ikigai is about feeling your work makes a difference in people’s lives; it can be a reason to live, the purpose of life, the reason to get up in the morning or jump out of bed and feel life is worth living, something that brings you happiness, a raison d’etre.


It comprises four components, and we help you uncover them. 





all supported by a foundation of

reflect | connect | focus
redefining the community concept

Networks are vital for success and embody “what can we do to help each other?” A goal of mutual success is inherent in a true community; with trust and transparency, we establish safe spaces with respect and kindness as a foundation of interaction.


Our retreats allow people to come together as they move forward along their journey, share their knowledge and interests, and believe that a collective mind is more beneficial to success than working alone.


As founders and leaders, we have found ourselves craving a retreat and support in equal measure. We have built a network that is genuinely aligned with our goals and needs, and now, we are providing the space to cross-collaborate and help everyone succeed.

Ready to activate the next steps in your journey? 

Meet the team that looks forward to enabling your success.

Meet the Team
Daniela Exley
Victoria Gibson
Maria Patenhauser
Simone Smith
Michelle McKenzie
Raj Hayer
Frank Höger

The transformational power of community is why we exist. Learning, working and playing In a nurturing, safe environment enables us to grow together.


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