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Bringing back a morning rhythm

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Mindset shift and motivation

Being at home consistently has brought back a rhythm I didn’t even realise I was missing. The morning rituals that somehow had fallen by the wayside when there was more travel or commutes, to factor in offers of coffee dates and brunches or last-minute in-person meetings.

My morning ritual these past few months has become so comforting and so good for my mindset that it’s become a rhythm, and even as social isolation is lifted, I will fight to retain it.

. . .


Recently I shared something called the Coffee Ritual and how I use my first cup of coffee of the day to reset my mindset and focus, but that is just one element of my morning routine.

I believe in the four pillars of health, and that balance in all four pillars is crucial to our health. They are, of course, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and for me, they are implemented as follows:

  1. Physical — a few stretches first thing in the morning, a backbend and the plank for my back as I sit at the computer all day long

  2. Mental — focus my mindset and prepare my perspective for the day ahead while I have my first cup of coffee

  3. Emotional — write a few morning pages and get the nonsense and small things out of my head and out of the way

  4. Spiritual — a short meditation and deep breathing to reset my intentions before diving into my day

Mindset is affected by all four pillars, and so it is crucial to address each one in my morning. What my morning rhythm has reminded me is that it does not have to be complicated!

. . .


Now every morning, instead of addressing these four habits individually or overthinking them, I fall into a rhythm, and it starts before even getting up.

Before my feet even touch the ground

I do a short meditation and take a few deep breaths from bed. I reset my intentions for the day and smile before I leave my bed. Yes, smile. It creates this optimism for the day before I even interact with another living soul!

Before I leave the bedside

The stretches start right there, next to the bed, arms above my head, side to side, back bend, forward bend, plank. If I am feeling ambitious, I might do a few Trikonasana, but it’s flexible. (Pun intended!)

The first cup of coffee

This is where the coffee comes in, but it can be tea, turmeric latte, lemon juice rinse, whatever works for you. For me, somehow, the routine of putting the kettle on to boil as I prepare the coffee in the French press is soothing. After pouring the water in, I head to the shower or get my desk ready for work, and by the time I am done, I feel fresh, and my coffee is ready for pouring.

Setting my intention and goals

Taking two minutes for the Coffee Ritual is an excellent tool to reset my mindset for the day ahead.

  • What is my intention?

  • What is my focus?

  • What are the three things I must get done today?

Clearing the mind and making way for a new perspective every single morning. So if I didn’t get as much done the day before as I wanted, no matter, just take each day as it comes.

. . .


Currently, I am doing the 28-day reset by my friend and nutritionist, Daniela Exley, and so it triggered me to remember how it takes about 28 days to reset habits. It has taken me three months of social isolation to come to love my morning routine and protect it at all costs! It is the glue that keeps my days going and the writing flowing.

My friend and nutritionist, Michelle Mckenzie, has a Morning Routine she shared with me in the past, and I take elements from it that work for me and then build them into my morning. Take what works for you, and build your own morning routine and rhythm; it does make a difference.

I intend to protect this element even as restrictions are lifted! At least then — no matter what else happens with my day — I have my morning, and that’s something!

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