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We founded this organisation on the basis of bringing people together who share a longing for deep connection and awareness. So whether you want to commune with other curious minds, self-development, or collectively activate to help change this world, come join us.

become a maven


There are a number of ways to elevate your participation in our community:

  1. Join our free community for ongoing motivation and support from others. 

  2. Join our paid community for more support and inspiration through executive coaching, toolkits, videos, online courses and retreat discounts.

  3. Join us at the Wayfinders Summit to expand your network and be inspired.

  4. Join our retreats, we are heading to Marrakech 2024 and Lafrançaise 2025.

  5. For personalised support, request more information about our coaching programs.


Paid Community: mayfly mastermind


The forum for leaders who want to step up and successfully smash through their own glass ceiling. Led by experienced coaches and strategists with a wealth of knowledge who believe that having a formidable support network is a key component to creating success.

Here, you will learn effective communication strategies, build your confidence, identify and embrace your leadership style, and reap the benefits of impactful leadership, which will help you achieve your career goals and aspirations. We’re pretty straight-talking, and if you like real, tangible advice and insights, then this is for you.  > apply here

*Free six-month membership for past retreat attendees.


Free Community: mayfly motivation

A community for women to unite and thrive with the expertise and support of other women. Here, you will get inspirational and motivational content to lift and shift mindsets. As well as tangible advice from experienced coaches for support and guidance. 


Led by experienced coaches and strategists with a wealth of knowledge who believe that having a formidable support network is a key component to creating success. 


Anyone can request to join, although we are overprotective about our members and may decline some submissions. > sign up

*The opportunity to upgrade to Mayfly Mastermind

Casual Meeting


Mayfly Maven Retreats:  transformation personified

Mayfly Maven Retreats provide entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals with a holistic reset through 1-2-1 coaching, self-reflection tools and goal-setting sessions within meaningful masterclasses.


During one of our retreats, you will experience a beautiful and truly immersive experience. You to work with the team to uncover the impact of current elements in your life and identify how you can reset and plan to drive forward strategic goals for your future. ​We achieve all this by learning, working, and collaborating in a nurturing, safe environment that produces transformational results.  > learn more 

Choose the level of coaching that feels right.

Here is a quick overview of what's included.



Entry Level

free community


  • Inspirational and motivational content

  • The means of lifting and shifting mindsets

  • Tangible advice from experienced coaches

  • Support and guidance

  • 28-Day Group resets and accountability

  • The opportunity to upgrade to Mayfly Mastermind

Working at home


Premium Level


£1925 one-time

  • Mastermind session inspiring change and goals with executive coach

  • Self-reflection session with our psychotherapist-trained coach

  • Communications session with our journalist and PR expert

  • 1-2-1 coaching using the MSA, an energy and motivation tool

  • 1-2-1 coaching choose from self-reflection or deep relaxation 

  • Inspirational experience it's a surprise - well, we can't give everything away!

  • Meditation

  • Accomodation, transfers and all food

  • Gifts are just a few little extra treats here and there.

  • Photos of the activities and all your experiences to use at your leisure

Casual Meeting


Next Level

paid community


  • Regular mastermind calls with an executive coach

  • 40+ digital tools and videos (coming soon) on how to use them

  • Hearing from guest speakers and experts

  • The Social Leadership Course to up your leadership game

  • 25% off Mayfly Maven Retreats (we venture to France and Marrakech in 2025!)

  • 25% off The Wayfinders Summit 2025 ticket

  • 25% off a Brand Audit consultation

  • Access to digital versions of all Mayfly Maven courses, tools and toolkits

  • Regular Q&A

*Six months free at this level for past retreat participants

Working at home


Premium Level

executive coaching

Customised programs

  • Premium Membership

  • Access to chat forums

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Monthly online meetups

  • Sharing learning experiences and writing for our blog

  • Monthly challenges

  • Access to participate in worldwide projects

  • Opportunity to co-host retreats

  • First access and discounts on retreats and immersive experiences

  • Product development ideation, creation, and promotion

Working at home


Event Level

wayfinders summit

£997 one-time

  • Hear from inspirational experts 

  • Access real-life tangible support 

  • Masterclasses and workshops

  • Steps towards wealth building and building investment portfolios

  • Join unique immersive experiences that enable us to walk the talk

  • Take advantage of optional wellness and coaching offers

  • A community of like-minded supportive individuals and trailblazers

  • Memories of fun, inspirational new experiences and a beneficial escape

*Six months free at this level for past Wayfinders

Sign Up

By becoming part of our community, you will support women's empowerment, help us expand our range of immersive experiences and events, and inspire and educate individuals who want to bring powerful shifts to their own local community. 


We host these online communities exclusively for Mayfly Maven members. It is a private space where you can speak and share freely on the topics that matter to you.

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Wayfinders Summit:  time to level up

Independence of any kind is life-changing. Whether it’s financial, professional, or personal, you’re entitled to it. So let’s make it happen. We’re closing the gap - not just the gender, financial or educational - but the one that is sitting comfortably between your vision and making it a reality.


At the Wayfinders Summit, women from around the world will take action and start building tangible steps to lead a fulfilling life. > learn more 

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