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Lafrançaise 2024

june 5-9


Time to focus on you. 

Cocooned within the calm and peaceful surroundings of L’Ostalas in Lafrançaise, you will unwind, breathe, reflect, re-focus and leave empowered and ready to take on anything.


We combine nurturing the mind, body and soul, awakening your inner fire to help you break down any barriers that are holding you back from developing and telling your story.

Love us, but not available on the date?

Through self-reflection and workshops with experts, we will hone in on your narrative, celebrating how it influences you and where it could lead, and together, we’ll start a new and exciting chapter.


For our mental health, we will meditate every day to enhance calmness and awareness, and for physical health, we will take part in daily exercises that vary from Qi Gong to Vinyasa yoga.


You will also benefit from one-on-one time with Simone and Raj, whether that’s the MSA coaching session, hypnosis, or self-reflection to understand how to achieve your life goals. 


Our meals will be 100% homemade, organic and balanced creations using local and seasonal ingredients. Tried and tested, you won’t be disappointed!

your location

L’Ostalas harmoniously aligns with our values; wellbeing is at the heart while being reminded to take the time to refocus and live fully in the present moment.


An eco-hotel tucked away in the countryside in Lafrançaise, France where we will be at one with nature.  

Located within six hectares of land and surrounded by a forest, orchards and wildlife, there are beautifully renovated outdoor spaces that marry the (ancient) old with the new, a swimming pool to relax by and dive into, alongside stunning bedrooms.

Designed with a focus on the holistic and natural medicine Ayurveda (which literally translates to knowledge of life derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and Veda (science or knowledge), it will come as no surprise that the 12 luxurious bedrooms at L’Ostalas ooze peace and tranquillity to ensure that your relaxation continues through the night.


All en-suite and blending French elegance with a calming, natural palette as a homage to nature, three themes are available, all linked to this ancient Indian tradition.

5-Day Reset


Masterclasses & coaching

Curated community

        car transportation

Nutritious Meals



Our core team will take time to uncover your story, write your script and unlock opportunities to share and own that story.



Our communications lead guides you on how to effectively share your story and design your narrative to attract PR and media. 



We will tap into our own personal mission and vision and convert this story into actionable next steps to make your story a reality.

masterclasses & workshops

So what will you experience during our five-day retreat in Marrakech?

For a holistic reset, we lay the foundation with daily meditation, nutrition and yoga practice. 


This is complemented by focused morning workshops that unlock your barriers and set goals for the future. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in self-reflection with Simone, communications with Victoria and the Mastermind masterclass with Raj. This is the last workshop on our retreats, and there’s a reason that it’s the big finale.


We round this out with 1-2-1 coaching using the MSA and hypnosis (deep relaxation) tools, as well as feedback and takeaways.


As if that is not enough, we also have activities for you to explore and try, like Qigong!



16:00 - Check in & Welcome

17:30 - Sophrology

18:30 - Group Dinner

19:30 - Group connection activity + Set intentions for the coming days


07:30 - Guided Meditation
08:30 - Stretching or Pilates

09:30 - Breakfast

10:00 - Workshop - Self-reflection
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Free time
16:30 - Discussions: Self Reflection

17:30 - Cardiac Coherence
18:30 - Dinner

19:30 - Evening check-in & discussions


07:30 - Guided Meditation
08:30 - Sun Salutations

09:30 - Breakfast

10:00 - Workshop -Communications
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Free time

17:30 - Qi gong
18:30 - Dinner

20:00 - Evening check-in & discussions


07:30 - Guided Meditation
08:30 - Sun Salutations

09:30 - Breakfast

10:00 - Workshop: Mastermind Sessions
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Workshop: Mastermind Sessions
15:00 - Free time

17:30 - Yin Yoga
18:30 - Dinner

20:00 - Evening check-in & discussions


08:00 - Guided Meditation

08:30 - Do-in

09:30 - Breakfast

10:00 - Check in, next steps and follow up
12:00 - Departure any time


Limited to 8 curated participants

Deposit €500

Full price €2,250

Apply now and we will book a "get to know you" call so can maximize your experience, as well as send you support material and exercises so you can begin to prepare and get excited for your retreat!

*Flights not included and booked independently

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contact us directly using the form below


Our retreats are for people in good mental and physical health. We do not offer therapeutic or medical treatment. 

Even though the majority of our participants have very meaningful experiences with long-lasting results, there is no guaranteed outcome from participating in a retreat.

Due to the intimate nature of discussions and for the privacy of participants, a non-disclosure agreement ("NDA") will be required prior to arrival, along with a Retreat Disclaimer. Please note that medical insurance and cancellation insurance for the period of the retreat is the responsibility of our participants.


  1. Return transfer to L'Ostalas by private car hire.  

  2. Four nights accommodation with your own room and en suite.

  3. Workshops nestled amongst the orchards, alongside a terrace and private pool.

  4. Four meditation sessions every morning, we reinvigorate our mindset and energy for the day ahead.

  5. Four yoga or physical activity sessions as we check into our energy and our mindset. 

  6. Four vegetarian dinners, healthy and nutritional 2-course meals. 

  7. Four brunches will be energising and nutritional buffet-style meals. 

  8. Tea, coffee, snacks and water throughout the day as you need it.

  9. Mastermind session inspiring positive change and goals with our business coach, Raj.

  10. A masterclass on self-reflection with our psychotherapist-trained facilitator Simone.

  11. A masterclass on communications and media with our journalist and PR expert, Victoria.

  12. Qigong session to find focus and balance in our inner force.

  13. 1-2-1 coaching using the MSA, energy and motivation tool with certified coach Raj.

  14. 1-2-1 self-reflection or deep relaxation with facilitator Simone.

  15. Gifts such as a customised retreat journal and soaps.

  16. Photos of the activities and all your experiences to use at your leisure. 

  17. Professional invoice for expenses and tax purposes.

And, of course, you will also experience -

  1. Personalised retreat facilitation by the Mayfly mavens looking after your needs.

  2. 'Me’ time. You have the opportunity to relax, read, walk or swim or schedule 1-2-1 coaching.

  3. Inspiring experiences. During the retreat and on the special cultural outings

  4. Memories. Connections with the other participants you will take with you moving forward. 

  5. Community. We stay connected with you through Slack, WhatsApp, catch-ups and messages.

Raj Hayer
Raj Hayer
Mastermind & Meditation

"Define your passion, understand your purpose and unlock your possibilities."

Raj is a strategy expert leveraging over 30 years of experience in management roles, team development, and leadership coaching. During retreats, she focuses on communications and mindful meditation to increase personal and professional success. Raj is driven to help people and businesses succeed, bringing together networks for mutual success.

Simone Smith
Simone Smith
Communications & Personal Reflection
(BA Hons, Dip Cous, Dip Hyp, MNCS)

“Sometimes it’s not about learning something new, it’s about discovering who you are.” 

Simone is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with extensive experience in helping professionals unblock communications to prevent past traumas from interfering with current possibilities. She diligently advocates for those who seek their own truth through psychological and transpersonal exploration.

Victoria Gibson
Journalist, & Marketing Consultant

"Storytelling is at the heart of any brand communications that represent you or your business."

A brand and marketing consultant, journalist and guidebook editor with over ten years of experience in

communications, Victoria collaborates with clients to celebrate their stories as well as unearth untold

narratives to elevate a brand’s profile. As an award-winning content creator, she has regularly been ap-
pointed as a
brand ambassador during global travel.


Maximised feeling of escape

✓ A safe space to unleash the inner child

Mental stimulation and expansion

Photo shoot memories a la Vanity Fair

✓ Unique experiences possible in our location

Cards to explore intuition and energy

Dinner out with the locals

Having Fun
The Team
The Founders

Loved the location and people. Perfect opportunity to reflect and consider the next steps, both professionally and in my private life.

- Tankred Hase, Lead Application Engineer @ Lightning Labs -


The retreat in Ibiza was so

deeply nourishing. What I have taken back home with me is a new found enthusiasm for what I want to move forward in my life and work.

So a super big thank you ladies and I look forward to more.

- Sjoukje, Threads of healing -


Mayfly Maven was a truly

soul searching experience.

I came away energised and

excited to start implementing

some of the things I had learnt.

Thank you Mayfly Maven.

- Sarb Ghelani -

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