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women elevating women, around the world

We provide reset retreats, courses, and toolkits to inspire you and transform you, so you can own your worth and elevate your health and wealth.

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Holistic Approach

We explore and deliver all the tools you need, from nutrition and meditation to mental health and business strategy to ensure your future success.

Continuous Support

We do not believe in a "one and done" approach, we support you along your journey to ensure you complement learnings for sustainable growth.

Stunning Locations

From Toulouse to Marrakech, we craft journeys that activate ideas and inspire you, so that the experience stays with you for the rest of your life. 

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Group Reset

Our next 28-Day Group Reset takes place in January 2024!


We go through the cleanse program together, sharing recipes and supporting one another as we work from the root of imbalance to nurture and gently heal our bodies. Purchase your 28-Day book, read through the tips and tricks, and we'll keep you posted when we start.

Our Group Reset is community, motivation and accountability at its best.

Marrakech 2023

Gift yourself a time out this November to be immersed in the present in magical Marrakech. We‘ll spend five days relaxing poolside, benefiting from meditation, yoga and meaningful group conversations, as well as venturing into the city for the full Médina de Marrakech experience.


Lafrancaise 2024


Venture to the south of France for an unforgettable experience. Nestled within six hectares of forests and orchards, we'll be staying in a gorgeous eco lodge that is warm, inviting and dedicated to wellbeing. Re-energise with yoga and meditation, and reap the benefits of a vegetarian menu created with local, organic and seasonal products. 

Enhance your wellbeing with a Mayfly Maven retreat

A Day In Your Life at a Mayfly Retreat

Morning Yoga

8:00 am

Wake up, rise and rehydrate with some water. Breathe and enjoy the silence of the morning. Join our morning practice with Guided Meditation and gentle movement using yoga to set the right intentions for our day.

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About Mayfly Maven

Embark on an inspirational journey to identify your future aspirations and enrich your life with Mayfly Maven.


Mayfly Maven combines business coaching and self-development to guide you in identifying your vision and making it a reality. 


Raj Hayer and Simone Smith assist individuals and groups in achieving personal and business fulfillment through exclusive retreats, strategic plans and innovative toolkits. 

Whether you're in need of a mental or emotional reset, want to reignite a passion for your specific goal, or simply wish to re-energise your focus and identify the next step for you or your company - together, we will activate your journey.


Workshop Session in the Sun
Cooking Class
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