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Welcome to The Mayfly Goal Setting Journal.

This is your journal. Created to support you as you explore and uncover what matters to you – your passion, your purpose, and your possibilities. It will help you to focus as you define your vision and feel empowered as you put actionable next steps in place to achieve your goals.


When talking about reaching goals, we hear a lot about changing our mindset and positive thinking or positive psychology, but not about the actions that must accompany the change.

The big and small actions we take every single day define our ability to seize opportunities.


Consistency wins every time. It is no different for the mind or the emotions. If we are consistent in our daily choices and tasks, then the effect is compounding in nature, and impossible tasks become possible. Like James Altucher sais: “Habits don’t change in a day. But 1% a day makes every habit work. Every.”

Once you have your quarterly goals defined for using this journal, it is daily priorities and activities that lead you towards achieving those goals simply and consistently.
Do the best you can, as much as you can, and keep going one step at a time, and with perseverance, you will have a success story to share with us in 13 weeks.


The Goal Setting Journal- Digital

Coming Soon!
  • PDF Downlad and Online-Version Access

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