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About Mayfly Maven

Mayfly Maven is a nurturing community that helps experts in their field on their way to ever greater personal and business fulfilment through masterminds, retreats and publishing.

Whether you're in need of a mental or emotional reset, want to reignite a passion for your specific goal, or simply wish to re-energise your focus and identify the next step for you or your company - we can help you activate your journey. 

a philosophy that inspires
passion, purpose, & possibilities

At Mayfly Maven, we provide a safe space, community, coaching and the tools you need to build the steps towards success. Whatever the challenge or transition you are facing, we are here to guide you so you can achieve greater possibilities.

Mayfly Retreats connect your personal and business worlds

We understand all too well how difficult it is to retain the restful and restored feeling we achieve on retreats after we return to “real life”. The renewed purpose and determination gradually dissipate as we get back to “normal”.

That’s why our retreats are different. 


Learning, working, collaborating, and even playing as a community in a nurturing and safe environment has transformational power, and that is what Mayfly retreats deliver. Four times a year, we host exclusive retreats and invite entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals to join us in stunning locations around the world.

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